Oklahoma City and How I Work Remotely as a Lawyer

I am in Oklahoma City right now where Brian is from. We are staying in a spare room at his dad’s house, so no van beds tonight. I enjoyed meeting and talking with his dad. It is wierd to be staying at someone’s house with access to hot showers and a real toilet when I am so use to sleeping in a van and using my van ‘toilet’ (I will blog about my ‘toilet’ one day). I am perfectly happy though sleeping in a van and not having hot showers or a real toilet. Brian’s dad asked me questions about being a lawyer and how that works with me working remotely so I thought I would go into that here in case anyone else is wondering. I have had the same clients for many years. I have an office address in the state where my clients are at where I receive my mail that has a receptionist and offices to use when I am in town which I rarely need to use. I use my cell phone as my work number. My son lives there and picks up my mail to go over the phone with me via Facetime and then scans some of my mail to me and sends out checks and other documents for me. I have a printer in my van (it gets power from my solar panels) to print and mail out letters and documents which can be done from any post office in the U.S. I have a laptop and use my hotspot from my phone for the internet. I communicate with my clients through email and phone calls and I provide all legal opinion letters and documents to my clients via email. I electronically sign and electronically file my lawsuits and other pleadings with the court. I electronically serve pleadings on other attorneys. Most of my cases (I don’t have many since I work less than part-time) settle without me even having to go to court but if I do have to go to court I found out that I can just hire another attorney to go for me, which I recently did. I just work for myself with no employees. I will have to go back there for some of my work though. If it wasn’t for advances in technology I wouldn’t be able to work remotely as lawyer living out of my van while traveling throughout the U.S. I love technology! šŸ“±šŸ’»