Austin, Texas

We skipped going to a Texas beach because the weather was bad and it was out of the way. We drove through Texas hill country that was beautiful and cute small towns on the way to Austin. I didn’t realize how much I’ve been use to small towns till I drove through downtown Austin, which was a bit nerve racking, even on a Sunday. We stayed at a hotel in downtown Austin last night so we could explore the  downtown area more. We checked out the downtown entertainment area last night and we took a nice walk along the river today. It was nice to have hot showers (I took two) but I don’t want to stay at a hotel again. It goes against my hobo values of living simply and I prefer sleeping in the van where everything is with me and I don’t have to bring my belongings up and down the stairs between the hotel room and my van. I had to make several trips because I kept forgetting stuff. Also, I would rather save my money for unexpected expenses and to pay down some debt than spend it on hotels. I work less than 10 hours a week because I prefer to have more free time than working more to have more money – I have turned down work for that reason. I prefer to be time rich than money rich and I’ve always been happy with living a simple life without a lot of things. My passion has always been exploring new places and having new experiences and living the van life is perfect for that🌻.