Rowboat to Mexico

There is a border crossing in Big Bend National Park, Texas to cross over to Boquillas Del Carmen, Mexico. A river separates the U.S. from Mexico. We took a rowboat across the river for $5 each round trip. You could swim across if you wanted to. A lady from the New York Times was on the U.S. side and asked us if she could videotape us going across the river which we agreed to, so she put a tripod with a 360 degree camera on it on the rowboat to record us going across the river. On the Mexico side we saw a lot of mules and a small dog herding some goat. We had a nice lunch there and then came back since not too much to do there. It is just a small tourist town. The border crossing gets such little traffic that the park rangers man that immigration desk on the U. S. side. They put my passport in a machine that sent a copy to the immigration office in El Paso, Texas and then a lady from the immigration office there called to ask me questions while I looked up at a security camera that she could see me on. We are in Fort Stockton, Texas now doing laundry. We are headed to other parts of  Texas tomorrow. We are going to decide where sometime tonight.