Bear Box Brian

We are loving camping at Big Bend National Park in our new secluded camping spot. My cell service and internet is a little spotty here but it worked good enough for me to get some work done this morning. I worked while sitting on my van bed with the back doors open with a nice view of the mountains while listening to Brian playing the violin. I don’t know of any law office but mine that has that. I feel bad for the other lawyers that have to sit in a boring office. They have a bear box at each of the backcountry campsites to put your food in so bears can’t  get to it, which is more important for people tent camping that don’t have a place to store their food. We have our vans to store our food but we made use of our bear box. Brian has been cooking some delicious meals in our bear box using it as a table and to block the wind. We aren’t allowed to have campfires at this park so last night we put a propane heater in our bear box and sat in front of it for heat with my laptop next to it to watch a movie. We took a short hike today and Brian picked wild flowers for me that I put in a basket in my van🌺.