On the Road Again

I am at an Arizona rest area right now for the night and headed to other parts of Arizona tomorrow to do some hiking.  I am enjoying my alone time and will meet up with friends later. Being on the road again made me think of the song that someone wrote for the ‘burning van’ ceremony on the last day of the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous last month when they burned a wooden van that a lot of people signed. I missed everyone singing the song at the ceremony since I was a little late but I did get to sing the song with some people at their campfire a few nights before which was a lot of fun. The lyrics are below. You have to sing the song to the tune of Willie Nelson’s song ‘On the Road Again’.

“In our vans again. Just can’t wait to get in our vans again. The life we love is in the desert with our friends. And we can’t wait to get in our vans again.

In our vans again. Goin places that most haven’t been. Goin places we may never go again. And we can’t wait to get in our vans again.

Rubber tramps again. Like a band of gypsies we go down to Quartzsite. We’ll see Bob again. We’ll share our tales at campfires in the night time. Warm fire time.

Well our vans are small. We have no spaces left upon the wall. But they’re are homes and we’re happy as can be. Our vans are how we’re living oh so free.

Burn that van again. Like a blazing symbol it lights up the night sky. And we all will cheer. Because simple pleasures seem to be the best ones with good friends.

Burn that van again. Just can’t wait to burn up that van again. It marks the end of our stay here in Quartzsite town. But next year we’ll be coming back again. And we can’t wait to get in our vans again.”