Bombs Away and Hippy Broth

I feel like I am on a permanent vacation, except for the few hours of work I have to do each day. I am enjoying camping with the group of people that I’ve met so far in my travels. This afternoon a friend and I had lunch while watching the military bombs go off in the distance since we are near an active military bombing range. Every once in a while we would hear an explosion and then see smoke in the distance. Takes a little bit of getting used to. There are also military planes often flying over us. Most of the people in the group I am with went to nearby hot springs that I heard is pretty dirty and the way that some people bath out here and that it’s usually filled with a bunch of naked people. I heard it referred to as ‘hippie broth’. I think I’ll pass on bathing in the ‘hippie broth’. Tonight we had chili night where everyone contributed ingredients to make chili. Another girl and I made vegetarian chili since we are the only vegetarians here. I love our community meals and hanging out with my fellow camp mates.