Hobo Dinner and a New Boyfriend

A lot more people from the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous are at Slab City now. Last night we cooked hobo dinners over the campfire. Hobo dinners are when you put a bunch of different food in tin foil or a tin container and then cook it on the coals in the campfire. Everyone contributed different veggies and meat to throw into their tin containers. Came out delicious.  We also walked to some old water towers that had some really cool graffiti art on them. After dinner a group of us went to a place called Ponderosa. Slab City residents create businesses out here to make money to live on. Staying out here is free to camp on. Ponderosa is a place where people take turns playing musical instruments and singing. I was very surprised by the talent out here. I danced to some very talented singers and guitar players. We met lots of nice people that live out here year round last night at Ponderosa and this morning at this place called Oasis where they serve coffee. Last month when I drove through Slab City I didn’t feel comfortable staying overnight because of people living in shacks and due to some areas and people looking a little sketchy which made me assume that most people out here are sketchy. I have completely changed my tune on that. Most people out here are pretty nice and pretty cool to hang out with. Of course I will still not walk around at night by myself due to the minority of bad people that I’m sure are here, just like any other city. I met this really awesome guy at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous that is now my boyfriend. I wasn’t expecting that. We both live full-time in Chevy Express cargo vans. Right now I am sitting in the front seat of my van looking out at the desert listening to a neighbor nearby playing guitar. I have such an awesome life 😊