Talent in the Desert

They had a talent show tonight at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. There was a guy doing yo-yo tricks, a woman playing a flute, a woman doing a comedy routine with balloon animals, people reading poetry, a woman walking with a basket on her head and some other talent. On Saturday night we are going to have Burning Van (instead of Burning Man that’s also in the desert) where we will be burning a small wooden van made out of wood that everybody has been signing. Tonight my campmate and I walked around handing out candy and making smores for people again at their campfires. We added a new campfire to our tour that had some really nice people at it. One desert street over is the Boomers Escapees RV club that had live music tonight. We tried crashing their party but it was over before we got there so we just enjoyed hanging out at a campfire in our area.