Open House Day

Today was open house day at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. Since this event started they handed out green and red ribbons. If you put a red ribbon on your vehicle it means don’t approach as that person wants to be left alone. If you put a green ribbon on your vehicle it means you welcome company. Our campsite area was too far from everyone else so I didn’t bother with the ribbons. I enjoyed walking around and checking out everybody else’s vehicles that had a green ribbon for open house day today. There were people living in their cars that made a great use of their space, homemade truck campers, a log cabin on a trailer, cargo vans like mine, teardrop trailers and a cool army truck and trailer, to name a few. A friend and I went on our nightly cramp fire tour tonight handing out candy except that tonight we also brought the ingredients to make Smore’s for people. We met our campfire tour friend here and invited her to stay at our campsite area. She is 23 and just started living in her van full time. Her dad helped convert her van for her. She saved up money and plans on eventually getting a job on the road in the conservation field. I think it is pretty cool that she’s doing this so young.