Pancakes and a Leather Tramp

This morning the nice guy in the ‘Breaking Bad’ rv and a few other campers made a group of us pancakes and cappuccino for breakfast, which is much better than the banana and instant coffee I am used to. This afternoon they had a solar seminar. This evening I met a leather tramp that wandered into the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. I am a rubber tramp because I travel in my vehicle. A leather tramp travels by foot. The leather tramp asked me where the music area was so I pointed  him in the right direction and then he asked if I could just walk him there which I did and soon regreted because he was acting very eratic like he was on drugs. He told me he hitchhikes and hops trains to get where he wants to go and then just sleeps on the ground wherever he is at. He didn’t even have a tent or a blanket. I asked him his age because he looked young and he said 19, which is the same age as my son. I asked him if he keeps in contact with his parents and he said ‘yes’ but I didn’t believe him. All I could think of was how worried his parents must be because I would be if my son was doing what he is doing. He asked what I slept in and I said my van. He then asked to sleep in my van and I was like ‘no way’. He started to sleep on the ground near the group campfire so me and some other campers put down a flatened cardboard box for him to sleep on and I found a blanket from the ‘free pile’ to put over him. He kept getting candy from me all night so I put the last of my candy next to him while he was passed out. I felt bad for him and at the same time grateful that I have the son that I have.