There is part of the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous called Skooliepalooza. Skoolies are former school buses converted into buses to live in. There are several owners of them camping together, including a ‘short bus’ conversion. One of the owners gave me a tour of his former school bus. It looked absolutely beautiful. There are so many different types of vehicles that people are living in here. There are the typical RVs, cargo vans converted to campers, passenger vans converted to campers, pop-ups,  homemade truck campers, etc. There is an RV here that looks just like the RV in the tv show Breaking Bad so everybody calls it the ‘Breaking Bad RV’. Super nice guy that lives in it. He was in the military and is now living in his RV. He brought a ton of food here and cooks every day for anyone that wants it. I have met a lot of people here that were in the military that are now into this lifestyle. There is also someone here in a semi truck (minus the truckload), a hippie mobile made from a plumbing truck and a former wonder bread truck (all in order below). Tonight I went with some friends to what we are now calling ‘band camp’ where they were playing music that was a little farther away to not bother the people camping in the main area. I had fun dancing and listening to music. I met some more really cool people. There must be at least 500 people here by now. There are also people here doing a documentary on this lifestyle to see why it is so popular. I wouldn’t want any other lifestyle. The vast amount of people here shows you that a lot of other people feel the same way. So glad it is the weekend so I don’t have to work. People usually don’t expect me to answer the phone or emails on the weekend so I can take a break.