Taco Bar and Candy Night

My friends at my campsite have been taking turns making delicious meals for everyone so I did a taco bar tonight which we had outside by our campfire. We pretty much eat everything by the campfire. I also went to town today and bought a ton of candy and when we did our nightly campfire tour we handed out candy to everyone we met, which was a lot of fun. I got back to my van after midnight. I am having too much fun to want to come home but I do love that my home is my van. This feels like I am at summer camp like when I was a kid except this camp is way cooler and I can come home when I want. We even have a schedule of activities every day just like summer camp. I heard that some of the campers were not happy about the singing, guitar playing and drumming last night because it was too loud for them so some of the people wanting to sing, play guitar and drum moved about a half a mile away so they can be as loud as they want. A friend of mine is calling it ‘loud camp’. So tomorrow night we are going to visit ‘loud camp’ and then come back to our campsite we have at the end of a desert street that we call the ‘cul-de-sac’. We have created our own little neighborhood here in the desert🌵IMG_4927.JPG