Campfire Tour

After working in the daytime I had such a great time tonight walking around meeting people. I stopped asking people their names and telling them my name because there’s just no way we are all going to remember each other’s names.  There must be at least 400 people here. A friend at my campsite area and a new friend we met today went on a campfire tour tonight just going up to peoples campfires and meeting them and then going onto the next one. Everybody was very welcoming. Lots of people were jamming together playing guitars, harmonicas, drums and singing. Some offered us food. Some offered us chairs to sit on. At one of the campfires this guy was teaching everyone how to do yo-yo tricks.   On the way to one of the campfires this guy was telling us about his job as a psychic working from his home on wheels. Such a diverse and interesting group of people. I used to just go camping on weekends, now I get to camp everyday and with a lot of really cool people that have a wandering spirit like me. ⛺️🔥