Some Things You Just Can’t Do in a Van

I tried washing my hair before in my small van sink and it was a disaster, water everywhere. I needed to dye my roots yesterday and did not want to atempt that in the van or outside using my ‘hobo shower’ afterwards so I went to the Flying J truckstop to pay for a shower ($12) because I heard their showers are very nice and they have a ton of them so less likely someone would be knocking on the door wanting to use it since I needed to use it for about 30 minutes. When I went to pay the cashier for the shower she asked for my professional drivers card because she thought I was a truck driver (they get reward points with the card). I guess she thought that because I was taking a shower at a truck stop. The shower was very nice, even came with towels and soap. I felt like I was taking a shower at someone’s house. Quite different from the hobo showers I’m used to. So every few months or so I will have to find a Flying J truckstop to dye my roots – because I want to look like a classy hobo. I went on two hikes today and worked in between trying to catch up on work. Watched another beautiful sunset. Headed to Quartzsite, Arizona tomorrow for the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, going a few days early to find a good spot to set up camp with some friends that I am meeting up with to follow there.  img_4849