I am in the white van

I am at the camping site for the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. It doesn’t start till Tuesday but a ton of people are already here, like me. The running joke around here is when somebody wants to tell somebody else where to find them they say “I am in the white van” and laugh,  because there are mostly white vans in the rubber tramp network. Cargo vans are always white and they are the most popular vehicle for people to convert to campers (like my white cargo van converted to a camper). Everybody is so nice and friendly here. This one guy painted on his van “free hugs” so me and my friend went up to him to get our free hugs and hang out with him for awhile . We celebrated our friends birthday tonight and had a nice campfire. He didn’t tell us that it was his birthday till we already got here and set up our camp so I made him a birthday card and hunted down a birthday present for him. There are a lot of people that come here to collect rocks to polish them to make them look really pretty so someone gave me some polished rocks to give to our friend for his birthday. When another friend and I were walking around we met this guy that is also new to being a rubber tramp and he asked us “What is the catch to living this lifestyle?”, because he loves everything about it. I feel the same way. There is no catch. This life is pretty awesome. 😊img_4852