Flash Flood and Black Eyed Peas

The three friends that I am camping with and I had a nice New Year’s eve party at our campsite last night with music, dancing, and good food. I actually made it past midnight. We knew there was rain on the horizon and that the area has flash floods because we are camping in a wash but figured we would be okay since the area we are camping on is a little more elevated than the road where the water rushes through from the mountains when it rains. I don’t hear a lot of what is going on outside while I am sleeping because I have a sound machine app with ear phones. However, one of our friends told us this morning that she woke to the sound of water flowing outside and walked outside to see a fast flowing river next to where we are camped, which is a flash flood. The flash flood caused the higher area near our campsite to erode which came very close to our vehicles (picture below on what it looked like this morning after the area dried up). My friend stayed up and was ready to wake us if the water got up to our vehicles so we could walk to higher ground on the other side which we wouldn’t be able to drive up. The flash floods are so strong they can take your vehicle with it. We were fortunate that the flash flood didn’t make it up to our vehicles. Lesson learned –  no more camping in washes if rain is coming. Today we went on a nice hike and then afterwards had an excellent dinner of black-eyed peas which is a southern tradition for good luck in the new year.img_4792