Free Bird

Last week  when I was rained in I used a paint pen to put my favorite lyrics from the song Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd on my sink area – ‘I must be traveling on now. There’s too many places I got to see…cause I’m  as free as a bird now’.  I remember hearing that song when I was in Australia in my 20s camping on an island with some other travelers I met from Canada and Germany. I declared the song to be our song  because we all loved traveling. It is still my song. I left the river area this morning and am now in Lake Havusu, Arizona camping on more free BLM land with two friends I met in the desert camping area. When I was leaving the river area this morning I saw these fields of small trees with white willowy things hanging from them so I had to stop and get out of my van to see what they were. They were cotton trees. I never even knew cotton grew on trees. I am learning so much road tripping across the U.S. We also stopped at the Parker dam  and some nice scenic outlooks on the way here.