Merry Christmas!

I miss my family at Christmas but I am enjoying spending Christmas with my new vehicle dwelling friends. We had a nice bonfire last night drinking hot apple cider by the fire and we had coffee and sweets this morning at what I call ‘the fancy RV’.  Our topics of conversation at our get-togethers are so different than what I usually hear at Christmas get-togethers. We talk about the best place to get hot showers, how to conserve water, new destinations to go, how we make money while living full-time in our vehicles, and ‘potty talk’ (how we go to the bathroom –   self composting toilets etc. I will spare you the details😉). I let my family and friends know not to send me any Christmas gifts because I have no room for them in my van but I was happy to receive a blanket with family photos on it from one of my sisters and brother-in-law. Great gift for a van dweller! I noticed that hardly anybody drinks alcohol or smokes cigarettes out here which I thought was pretty cool. A friend of mine and I were joking around the other day that we are not living up to the stereotype of what people think that people that live in their vehicles full time are like. I am joking around about the stereotype by calling myself ‘hobo lawyer’. There are people here living out of their cars, converted cargo vans like me, camper vans, truck campers and other RVs. Some have been forced to downsize out of homes and apartments for financial reasons but most of us, like me, have chosen this life for the freedom to wander and simplicity that comes with it. I love this way of life and meeting other people that feel the same way. Since we are way out in the desert it’s very dark out here but you can see the lights from the closest town way off in the distance and I always think to myself ‘they don’t know what they’re missing’.