Desert Rain

It doesn’t rain much here in the desert but  when it does it can cause flash floods in lower lying areas. It rained a lot here last night and today and I got a flash flood alert on my phone last night so I didn’t sleep so good. There is some more rain coming. I am on higher ground though so I will be ok and there’s so many little rocks on the ground around me that helps with the mud. However, there is a lot of low lying areas between where I’m at and near the road to get out of here so I am very glad I ‘supplied up’ yesterday with buying food and water. I only go to town every five days or so because I have to go through driving over a lot of little rocks and dirt roads that are very bumpy to get out of here and down a hill and we are a little ways out here in the desert. I am happy to be stuck out here in my desert oasis though if I need to wait for roads to dry out. I got everything I need here.😀