Where do you get your water?

Since I do not have a new destination to post about (as I will be staying in my desert oasis in Ehrenberg AZ for several weeks) I thought I would let everyone know what my life is like as a van dweller. I was recently asked “where do you get your water?” I buy several gallons at a time of drinking water from the grocery store and then fill a six gallon jug under my sink with water for everything else. Since this area is an RV destination there are places you can go to pay to fill up your water jugs. What I mostly do though is just fill my empty drinking water jugs with water whenever I get a chance from places such as facilities at national parks that I go to, rest areas or any other public place that has a water spicket (I feel like such a hobo stating that 😉) and then add the water to the jug under my sink. Sometimes I will book a campground and while there fill up the water jug. Believe it or not the six gallon jug under my sink lasts me at least three weeks, as I don’t run the sink water constantly while washing my face, brushing my teeth or doing my dishes. I also always have a one gallon jug of water set aside for washing my hair every 4 to 5 days with my solar shower (it is a container I feel with water and set outside to get hot that has a shower nozzle on it). I use just a little water on a washcloth with soap inside my van to wash everywhere else. I also sometimes use baby wipes like most of the other vehicle dwellers do to freshen up (we are a bunch of big babies😁) The first time I went 4-5 days without washing my hair it was super greasy but it doesn’t get greasy after 4-5 days anymore because my scalp is used to it and I don’t have to use conditioner anymore because I’m not stripping the natural oil from my hair every day with shampoo. My hair has never looked better. I had no idea that van dwelling would be good for my hair. Today I splurged on an $8 hot shower at the laundrymat (yep, the laundrymat). Since there are a lot of vehicle dwellers and RVers out here in the desert without water hook-ups some businesses have installed showers to make some money. Truck stops also sell showers such as Flying J or Loves. Honestly though, my baby wipe sponge bath hair solar showers got me just as clean as the $8 laundrymat shower, so I will pass on  the laundry mat shower next time. I like not paying for something if I don’t have to but I spend money where I see fit. There was a guy begging for food today outside of Burger King who pointed to his two friends saying they just needed a meal to split between them. I won’t give money to panhandlers because it is often used for drugs and alcohol but this guy genuinely just wanted some food so I bought all three of them lunch and wished them a Merry Christmas when I handed the food to them. It made me feel good inside and they were very grateful. One of the guys even bowed down to me. I would much rather spend money on food for someone that is hungry than spend $8 on a shower. I am sitting in my van now listening to the relaxing pitter patter of rain outside (it sometimes rains in the desert) getting ready to write out some Christmas cards to hand out tomorrow to my new vehicle dwelling friends.

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